Five Core Components


Time To Teach trainings consist of Five Core Components:

  1.  Self-Control Strategies
  2.  Classroom Design Techniques
  3.  Teaching to Appropriate Behaviors
  4.  Accurate and Timely Consequences
  5.  Student Teacher Relationships

Self-Control Strategies:

  • Learning calm is contagious and silence is powerful strategies
  • Dealing with challenges on student time
  • Personal space awareness
  • Avoiding power struggles
  • Diffusing challenges

Classroom Design Techniques

  • Desk arrangements
  • Ecological revisions
  • Use of
    • color
    • scent
    • lighting
    • music

Teaching to Appropriate Behaviors

  • Teaching to classroom rules
  • Teaching to classroom routines
  • Teaching to common or shared area expectations
  • Teaching behaviors using the I do-we do-you do method

Accurate and Timely Consequences

  • Refocus™ ~ eliminating 90% of classroom challenges
  • Avoiding multiple warnings and repeated requests
  • Using start-up and shut-down prompts

Student Teacher Relationships

  • Connecting with kids
  • Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR)
  • Turning challenging students into allies