Business Opportunity

Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit

Time To Teach is a classroom management system that is taught by educators to educators.  At the Train-The-Trainer seminar, you are taught the presentation of the Time To Teach material along with the business opportunity that awaits you.

We want to give teachers a chance to earn some extra money doing what they do best, and that is teaching.  Teachers have the hardest job in America and we want to make your life easier.  The Center for Teacher Effectiveness is a quality company that is built on strong morals, ethics, and integrity.

The Center for Teacher Effectiveness wants all of our trainers to have a flexible schedule; therefore we don’t set up your training schedule for you.  Some of our trainers are teaching full time with a limited numbers of personal days; some are retired with ample time on their hands. Every situation is different and we want to respect that. Every trainer is an Independent Contractor, which allows for unlimited income potential and a flexible schedule. You are your own boss; you make it happen and we will help you along the way.

At the training, we teach you how to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and show you best practice business strategies. Networking is a natural part of being a teacher; we show you how to work within your natural strengths and talents.

As advertised, our trainers earn at the top of the industry when they conduct a school training. Some trainers want to do one training a year; others want to do a school training every month or every week.  It is up to you!

At the training you will write down your goals and we will help you align yourself to accomplish them.  Your goals will be the starting point for your personal journey to financial freedom.

Time To Teach is a business adventure to which you will always be glad that you responded.