Video Presentations

What is Time to Teach?

It is explained very clearly in these videos.

Short Video 1

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Narration – 5 Components (brief)

RUN TIME: 8 minutes 13 seconds

Exceptional teachers have exceptional classroom management skills.  Exceptional classroom management is a confluence of teacher actions in five distinct areas: (1) firmly but fairly carrying out disciplinary actions, (2) maintaining a keen and calm mental set for management, (3) properly arranging and designing the classroom environment, (4) building and maintaining strong student and teacher relationships, and (5) teaching-to and upholding rules and procedures.

Five Crucial Classroom Components Your Teachers Must Incorporate (BRIEF Narrative)

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Short Video 2

RUN TIME: 4 minutes 4 seconds

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Narration (brief) Leadership Article

This alternative at-risk high school in California was featured in Leadership for dramatic gains in students passing exit exams (graduating), and also for equally dramatic reductions in referrals, suspensions and expulsions.  The trend has continued for four years and the teachers and students at this high school report a very significant and positive systemic cultural change.

Leadership Article (Narrated)

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Short Video 3

RUN TIME: 4 minutes 46 seconds

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Narration (brief) School Success Data

Recent classroom, school- and district-wide successes are the focus of this short narration.  At the end of the narrative you will enjoy some of the music and lyrics from the CD, Teachin’ The Blues Away. Enjoy!

School Success Data (Narrated)

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Short Video 4

RUN TIME: 3 minutes 58 seconds

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Graphical Success Data w/Music (brief)

Classroom, school- and district-wide success data are graphically presented.  If you like data, and especially graphical data, you will enjoy this brief video.  Learn how we provide a system that reduces referrals, increases parental support and student scores and improves teacher job satisfaction.   The data is presented with music and lyrics from our CD, Teachin’ The Blues Away.

School Success Data With Music (Graphical)

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Medium Length Video 5

RUN TIME: 21 minutes 15 seconds (Seminar Overview)


This is the second longest video.  The strategies used by high performing and award winning schools are found here!  If you want to wipe-out referrals by empowering teachers to positively handle their own discipline problems and if you want to increase your student scores, increase parent support and involvement, and improve the feeling tone within your building – if you want to do all of these things watch this video!

Strategies Overview (narrative)

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Short Video 6

RUN TIME: 6 minutes 35 seconds (Seminar Overview)

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  Testimonials/Music/Contact Information

We present comments from your colleagues who have achieved success.   They are successful because they make teachers successful. It as a privilege to serve teachers and they are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure their teachers are 100% satisfied – and effective.  Such leaders gauge their success by their teachers’ success.

Testimonials and Contact Info With Music

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ENTIRE VIDEO – Watch it all at once!

RUN TIME: 28 minutes 28 seconds (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)

VIDEO DESCRIPTION:  OVERVIEW: Narration/Data/Testimonials/Music (FULL LENGTH)

IF YOU HAVE THE TIME, this FULL LENGTH video describes in detail what successful leaders do in their buildings.  We share the strategies that have built legendary successes among K-12 teachers across America.   Lead teachers and principals who employ such strategies are fulfilling their teaching objectives and their students are reaching their learning objectives like never before.  We share the data to back that up their great successes.  These buildings are proud to have achieved the highest level of staff/student/parent satisfaction occurring anywhere!

Seminar Overview (FULL VERSION)

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  • Your standardized scores will finally reflect the ability of your students
  • Your teachers will increase student on-task time by 5, 10, 15 or even 20 hours or more each week (truly focused on instruction)!
  • Your teachers will report a decrease in discipline challenges by as much as 70% or more!
  • Empower your teachers to elegantly handle – minor to severe – challenging student behavior in the classroom. Educators who use these strategies gain instruction time because their students are on-task.
  • Empower teachers to handle challenging student behavior in the classroom and not send students to the office.
  • Learn the solution to effective classroom discipline so that your teachers have more Time To Teach!  They deserve it, and so do the students.


The secret to teaching well is to learn from the masters, high caliber teachers who speak to groups of hundreds or thousands at a time and consistently earn unparalleled praise. The only problem is that most trainers in this category would never reveal their innermost secrets to success and the psychology behind every move they make. We will.