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Pamela Bouie, PhD

Executive Director and Nationally Certified Trainer

Dr. Pamela Bouie is passionate about helping others learn, grow and flourish.
Having an extensive background in education provided her with the opportunity
to work with individuals from various age groups, cultures and backgrounds.
She effectively served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and in several
positions in the central office. In addition, she has traveled to six of the seven continents identifying, selecting and training educators for success in the classroom.

Dr. Bouie currently uses her skills to enhance teaching and learning in schools and school districts throughout the United States. She serves as a consultant, presents at conferences and provides stimulating professional development. Her presentations are research-based, exciting and interactive. Participants leave with practical, powerful and proven strategies that can be implemented immediately.

In addition to being a Nationally Certified Trainer, Dr. Bouie also enjoys serving as a Director with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE). She welcomes your interest in learning more about joining our dynamic team of trainers and earning an average of between $1200 and $3500 per training day!

-Would you like to work as an independent consultant and have input as to your travel and earning potential?
-Do you enjoy presenting information proven to positively impact the lives of others?
-Would you like the flexibility of working either very part-time or on a more robust basis?
-Do you have the passion, personality and professionalism to become a trainer?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, please continue to read below:

Dear Colleague in Education,

I am THRILLED you are investigating this opportunity and I look forward to inviting you to an upcoming Time to Teach Train-The-Trainer session. In order to be considered for this incredible opportunity you must follow these steps in this order:

Watch webinar icon 1. Watch the entire webinar (click the icon)
The webinar provides vital information about our company and this opportunity. It was designed to answer your important questions. Serious candidates must watch the webinar in its entirety before contacting us. Sorry, no exceptions.
Send resume icon 2. If you have not already, email your resume to Pam (click the icon)
We request that you do not send your resume until you have watched the entire webinar. Please investigate us first. You must indicate in writing when you send your resume that you have watched the entire webinar. It is important you do your due diligence on us.
Schedule interview icon 3. Schedule an interview with Pam (click the icon)
After you have 1) watched the entire webinar, and 2) sent your resume to Pam (by clicking the icon to the left) she will contact you to schedule interview. Click the icon to indicate you are ready to have your interview. Please set aside 30-60 minutes. Dr. Bouie will have a lot of questions to ask you!
TheOne 4. Invitation
Are you the person Dr. Pam Bouie is seeking? She cannot wait to meet you and looks forward to a phone chat / interview. If you possess the “3 P’s” (personality, professionalism, and passion) talked about in the webinar, she will immediately invite you to our next Train-The-Trainer session to join our elite team of national and international presenters.

If you are a consummate professional and a “top gun” teacher, I want you to help our company share our research-based and common sense methods which teachers can use immediately to TeachWithPassionimprove student behavior in their classrooms! Your personality, combined with our program, will enable your attendees to become the Picassos of their classrooms! You will feel pride in helping schools increase API scores, improve AYP progress, and dramatically reduce their discipline referrals. Your attendees’ lives will be forever changed after learning from you. Can you imagine yourself presenting a fast-paced, humorous and insightful seminar for our company? If you have a passion to help others, are extremely professional, and have a personality that will capture the attention of a room of teachers, let’s talk! Talented teachers who present for our company and embody these qualities earn the top pay in the industry.

This is an once in a lifetime opportunity that you will find rewarding on many levels.

If you have questions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me!ManageWithCompassion

I start my own seminars out with this quotation: “In God we trust, all others bring your data.” Although it provokes chuckles, it is no laughing matter. We are research-based and have tremendous outcomes everywhere we train. We have the data to back this up. In fact, if you haven’t already, visit our “School Success Data” page to see the school improvement data we are able to boast.
If selected to join our elite nation team you will train other teachers to:

  • Teach disrespectful students to be respectful!
  • Teach unmotivated students to be motivated!
  • Teach irresponsible students to be responsible!
  • Reduce time spent on discipline and focus on important tasks!!
  • Turn challenging students into allies!
  • Learn WHY students become disengaged and HOW to promote classroom involvement!!

What Others Are Saying About Our Company and Dr. Bouie

Quote icon “The presenter has a heart for children and teachers. She shares a wealth of information in an enthusiastic manner that can transform any classroom. No participant will leave this seminar bored or without the ability to put these strategies into practice immediately”
-Dr. Shirley Bonton, Deputy Superintendent
Quote icon “Dr. Bouie is full of energy and provides the most common sense strategies I have ever heard. And that is in forty years of teaching and attending conferences!”
-Terry Hawley-Smith, Principal
Quote icon “The best seminar I’ve been to in years. It’s one thing to know HOW to do something, it’s quite another to TEACH someone else to do it. The presenter did both and now I’m enjoying teaching more than ever.”
-Juana Collida, Elementary Teacher
Quote icon “What a great lesson in humanity! I wish I would have learned Dr. Pam Bouie’s powerful strategies for connecting with kids early in my career!”
-Jeff Elliott, Middle School Teacher
Quote icon “This seminar wasn’t like anything else I have ever been to. It was fun and filled with strategies that I can use with my students. I have a “tough class” this year and I can hardly wait to start trying these strategies in my classroom.”
-Jeff Roland, High School Teacher
Quote icon “This seminar was AWESOME. I would not have gotten through the school year without Pam’s help. As much as I laughed, I learned even more.”
-Gale Horton, Counselor

How To Become A Trainer

We are rapidly becoming the leader in continuing education and staff development for teachers, schools, and districts in America and abroad. To keep up with the demand for our nationally acclaimed Time To Teach programs, we are seeking highly talented and focused educators.

If you were not directed to this page specifically by a director, please fill out our contact form and somebody will be in touch with you shortly.